2021 Massachusetts ECK Light and Sound Service Titles and Quotes

January: Facing Our Fears

  “If you can establish the golden heart, which is actually the viewpoint of Soul, you’ll find it easier to have inner experiences and let go of the fear.”

–Sri Harold Klemp, The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, p. 241

February 7th: How To Find Joy in Life During Stressful Times

“People say it’s a wonderful thing, this word HU. And it is, very much so. So do your spiritual exercises. That’ll stimulate you to be more grateful for what you have when life gets hard.”  

 –Sri Harold Klemp, Spiritual Lessons from Living, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 18, p. 100

March 7th:  What is the Spiritual Side of Family and Relationships

“Look at others as if they are carriers of God’s love to you. In fact, they are.  The next point is important. You must consciously open your heart to God’s love, which is always and forever flowing out to you like a quiet mountain stream.”

 –Sri Harold Klemp, Spiritual Wisdom on Relationships, p. 38

April 4th: How Life’s Experiences Bring us Closer to Divine Love

“This is the golden contract: that every encounter, without exception, is there to move Soul along spiritually on Its way back home to God.  That’s every encounter, every event, without exception.”

 –Sri Harold Klemp, Spiritual Lessons from Living, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 18, p. 136

May 2nd: Finding Your Life’s Purpose, A Journey to Self-Discovery and God-Discovery

“So what is the reason for living?  Life is God’s blessing to each Soul.  You are here in this great laboratory of life to learn how to give and receive love.”

 –Sri Harold Klemp, Finding Your Life’s Purpose, eBook Cover

June 6th: Spiritual Stress Relief, Techniques and Inspiration to Survive and Thrive

“At least once a day, let the Sound and Light of God enliven you with the spiritual impulses.  Gently sing HU, and the silent wind of God will enter the sacred temple of consciousness in our heart.”

 –Sri Harold Klemp, Spiritual Stress Release, eBook, p.7

July 4th: Coping with the Tensions of Living

“Life is a delicious morsel, because you never really know what’s going to happen”

 –Sri Harold Klemp, Spiritual Lessons from Living (Spiritual Wisdom Journal)

August 1st: The Power of Gratitude, a Secret to Spiritual Living

“Gratitude for the gifts we have already received sets into motion new forces that sustain a life of fullness.  A grateful person usually finds the windows of opportunity open to him.”

 –Sri Harold Klemp, Power of Gratitude, ebook p.6 

September 5th: Miracles in Uncertain Times

“Open your eyes to the miracles around you: your friends, your good fortunes, for all that life has seen fit to send your way.”

 –Sri Harold Klemp, The Living Word, Book 3

October 3rd: How to Keep Focused Spiritually

“The Holy Spirit, which is the voice of God, is always working on our behalf to help you unfold spiritually, to become a better, more loving human being.”

” All that prevents you from taking that step is your state of awareness, your focus on God.  How strong is it?  How much do you want God?”

 –Sri Harold Klemp, How the Inner Master Works

November 7th: Intuition—Listening to the Heart Speak

“The real heart of my message to you is an affirmation of all the opportunities in your life to grow spiritually. Seize the moment; seize the hour; seize the day.”

 –Sri Harold Klemp, ECK Wisdom on Inner Guidance

December 5th: A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

“A crisis is an opportunity in disguise. A solution is hidden in the folds of every reverse. No matter what is thrown into our face, there is a way to roll with the punch.”

 –Sri Harold Klemp, ECK Wisdom on Solving Problems