Due to safety concerns with Covid-19, all physical events are suspended until further notice.  In the meantime feel free to join us for any of our virtual Zoom Light and Sound Services being held on the first and third Sundays of the month. You can also click on the link below to watch videos from Eckankar.


ECK Light and Sound Service titles and dates:

(To request the Zoom link, email us at: eckinmass@eckinmass.org )


October 4: How to Keep a Calm Heart in a Chaotic World

"If you know how to sing HU, you can open yourself to the Holy Spirit. You can open yourself to the help that it’s offering you to help you take the next step."

    -Sri Harold Klemp, The Slow Burning Love of God, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 13, p. 208


October 18: How to Fulfill Your Spiritual Destiny

"The ECK teachings lead to an understanding that earth is a training ground designed by God.  It is here for Soul to become purified and eventually work with God to lead other Souls to find the spiritual liberation everyone is entitled to."

    -Sri Harold Klemp, Cloak of Consciousness, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 5, p. 198


November 1: Explore the Wisdom Within You

"Many of our dreams relate to past lives.  Once we come to that realization, we can begin to access the experiences that lie hidden within our memory banks.  And, yes, it is possible to bring hard-won lessons from past lives into the present for a better understanding of our situation today."

    -Sri Harold Klemp, Past Lives, Dreams and Soul Travel, p. 73


November 18: Living Gracefully in Challenging Times

"If we want to keep the blessings of life coming to us, we must learn to be grateful for what we have and for whatever is given.  This gratitude begins to create a series of events  for our spiritual benefit."

    -Sri Harold Klemp, The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, p. 153


December 6: Finding New Ways to Live a Happier, More Meaningful Life

"The Spiritual Exercises of ECK are the lost passkey to life. They give the secrets of the ancient ones. A greater state of consciousness is a direct result of doing your spiritual exercises and will reveal new ways to ease your life."

    -Sri Harold Klemp, The Call of Soul, p. 103


December 20: How to find Answers to Life’s Deepest Questions

"At some level Soul knows everything. If there is something that you would like to bring into consciousness, here is a way to get help. Before you go to sleep, relax and decide that upon awakening you will have an answer to whatever it is that you desire."

    -Sri Harold Klemp, The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, p. 37